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Please help kuske win some cash!

All you guys out there who watched, laughed at, cried to and were enchanted by this year’s Random Bastards snowboardfilm ”Tentacle” should get your lazy fingers over to this contest on and like the hell out of his video: Dirty North

Hey, come on! You got the Tentacle for free, what a perfect way for you to show your appreciation.

If you don’t do it, you are personally responsible for robbing kuske of his food (read: beer) for the rest of this season. That would be a shame wouldn’t it?

I appreciate your effort!


Kuske’s 2011-season

It’s that time of the year… All the major film titles has landed, and the filmers are finally starting to show what they did last winter!
The man, the myth, the legendarily bearded-and-allround-handsome-guy Kuske recently dropped this recap of his 2011-season. You should check it out!
In my opinion, no one has a better feeling for what makes a snowboardfilm than Kuske. The way he samlessly stiches together good music with the best shots… dang!

Wonder if I’ll get around to making my own recap… we’ll see!

Snöyran 2011 – full production!

Finally done with my latest project: Snöyran 2011 – the ”official” edit. Check it out below!

If you’re wondering about the coloring, I applied a simple cross-processing technique I wrote about in my earlier post.

Also got some sweet EGO-pics from photographer Daniel Olausson. Super nice fellow I met during the shoot! Thanks Daniel!

In the pics you can see pretty much the full setup I shot the whole video with. Loving the Swedish Chameleon Rig!

Thanks for this time Gällivare! Hope to see more of you someday!

Sweet swag!

Got a big nice pack of early christmas gifts from Salomon! Thanks Robban for savning my frozen filmer’s ass!


Really hoppning the street season kicks off soon!

Snöyran snowcamp edit

Here’s the first edit from Snöyran Snowboardcamp I filmed last weekend in Gällivare. It was a fun, chill few days filled with lots of friends.

I saw that Eric Johansson posted a photo on facebook of the gang with the description ”Class reunion”, and it really feels like that when filming with Lemke and the northern boys. Hope to hang around with them some more this winter!

What’s unusual for me with filming this edit is that I only used handheld DSLR. No tripod, dolly or crane. I also used only three lenses: The samyang 14mm f/2,8; a nikkor 35mm f/2; and a nikkor 50mm f/2. I could never do this without my Swedish Chameleon DSLR Rig, and the big hardcase to fit all my stuff.

As you can see I also used my beloved furry mic. DSLRs mostly won’t give you pro audio, but it sure helps with stereo and a decent windstopper! I also had good use of my DÖRR LED-panel when filming the after party. Not so sure everyone enjoyed it at the club though.

There will be one more edit coming from the main event. I’ll post that later. And if you’re wondering about the colours in this edit, I simply applied a ”cross process effect” using this tutorial for photoshop, but applying it in After Effects:


Snöyran day 4

I think it’s quite amazing that I’m actually doing this post from the night train from Gällivare to Uppsala – going straight through the middle of nowhere! Doing this a few years ago would be a fantasy, just like the iPad I’m using to write it… Well, enough nerdtalk.

Today was the last day of shooting Snöyran, the big winter festival in Gällivare. I’ve been contracted to make two edits from the event, and have been been filming for four days.

Last night there was some serious partying going down, so many of the boys weren’t really up for shredding. I also had some other stuff to shoot downtown (speeches, markets and xmas activities) so it wasn’t such a big loss. I left them a brocam and went by myself to shoot santa, kids, horses and more kids. Maybe not exactly what I’d call my ordinary mission, but I got some shots well serving the purpose. See some framegrabs below.


Above: The stand with the free Hot dogs were easily the biggest attraction today.

Below: Speaking of dogs, this dude had parked right on the sidewalk, not giving à f*ck.








The two edits are coming up sooner rather than later, so keep your heads up!

So long! /Petter

Snöyran dag 3

Today we tasted the bitterness of Berit. She came storming in causing rain, snow and harsh winds. But it turned out pretty well in the end after all! The weather tidied up just in time for freestyle night. See some framegrabs from today below. More will come tomorrow when I’m on my 14 h trainride back home again!

Snöyran day 2

Today was the second day of filming Snöyran in Gällivare. Pretty much the whole day was one serious blizzard, which is precisely what we needed! Winter came to Gällivare just in time…

Sadly we also had some serious crashes during the test-jumping of the snowmobile-jump. The first guy flew too far and got himself a back injury and a dislocated elbow, then the second guy came short and broke his wrist… Now two out of three slednecks are out, but the last one keeps it up with good spirits, and has already impressed me with some crazy air!

The freestyle motocross dudes also made it look so easy.. I just don’t get how you’d get the courage to do what they do!

I’m sorry about the crappy light in the framegrabs. Hopefully we’ll have better light tomorrow!

Mostly I spent the day shooting stocks, but we also had some time to play in the park and shoot some epic lifestyleeee… See some framegrabs from today below!

If you’re anywhear near Gällivare, make sure you don’t miss the Freestyle Night tomorrow. There’ll be a heck of a party, and if that’s not enough, you’ll also get a chance to see me in action! ;)

I’ll let everyone’s favourite German end this update. A word of advice…  Beware when Klas Ink is drunk/in action! Excited to see the result tomorrow!


Snöyran day 1

I’m in Gällivare baby yeah! First day of shooting the event Snöyran.

I’m way too tired to actually make a serious blog entry, so I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves. Brief summary of the day though: Went on the train for 14 hours with Rolf, went sightseeing in Gällivare, hung around Dundret (local resort), filmed ”World Cup Kidz”, filmed opening ceremony downtown, went to film at the indoor skate park.

Some still frames in no particular order:

Good night Gällivare!

Transition Winter Awards and more…

Alot of exciting stuff is going down the coming week. It really feels like winter will finally be here! Today is the annual Transition Winter Awards – and many of my dear friends are nominated:

Rolf Nylinder and Viktor Wiberg – Railripper of the year
Viktor Wiberg – Rookie of the year
Kire – Rider of the year
Tove Holmgren – Female parkshredder of the year

Also nominated is the one and only Kuske as filmer of the year, and RANDOM BASTARDS as entrepreneurs of the year! I’d say the odds for a great party are good! I’ll be tweeting the awards ceremony live so, if you don’t already, follow me on twitter: @PetterSchanche

Also going down this week is the first filming-trip of the season! Yes that’s right, yours truly is going to the capitol of kok-kaffe, Gällivare! An event called Snöyran is taking place there the 24th-27th, and I’ve been called up to hang out and film the good times. It’s gonna be awesome!

Below is Tove Holmgrens online videopart. I helped her out with the editing of it recently. It has already reached 11K views!

Tove Holmgren onlinepart 10/11 from Monokel Eyewear on Vimeo.

See you tonight?

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