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RB Tentacle!


Just realized I hadn’t posted this yet! Random Bastards released their latest film Tentacle for free streaming/download this week. I think it’s a killer film, with probably some of the sickest, most technical streetriding you’ve ever seen. Make sure you don’t miss it! Have a warm nice cup of coffee, sit back and of course enjoy the film in full-screen HD!

I’ve been filming with the RB-crew alot this past winter. It’s been a whole lot of fun, and I hope this upcoming winter will be as kick-ass as the last two. I’ve got quite a few shots in this film – but I’ve got to give it up for Kuske and Claes who’ve done a heck of a job putting it all together. Kuske is the man when it comes to editing – notice how he seamlessly stiches parts and music together. At one point I believe he actually uses three different versions of the same song (starts with Hasses part). And I can’t say I’ve ever seen an actionsportsfilm with a soundtrack containing Backstreet Boys… yet so well done! I laughed so hard when I saw it the first time. Claes is killing it with his 3D-magic. Do you like the 3D-tentacles and graphics in this film? Then you’ve got to check out his site, he’s worked with some seriuos big hitters in the past.

But anyhow! Now that Tentacle has dropped, I’m eagerly awaiting the release of Pirates Movie Production – Bottom Line (I’m supposed to have some shots in there too!). I’m afraid it won’t be released for free though, and I can’t figure out how to trick iTunes to think I’m an american (iTunes isn’t open for films in Sweden), so I guess I’ll have to order the DVD-booklet.

I’ve been working on my reel, but I can’t release it until these two films have had their go – so when Bottom Line drops I’ll be ready to go! Stay tuned!

RB Tentacle Update #1 Stockholm

Tentacle update#1 thumb

So this is what I’ve been working on lately, the first of two video updates for the new Random Bastards full length Snowboardfilm: TENTACLE, dropping this fall.

When editing I take inspiration from the music I choose. This time it’s on the border to plagiarism;) check out the original Aphex Twin ”Windowlicker” musicvideo below. It’s one of my absolute favorites.
OBS! The actual music video starts at 4:17, and is NSFW!

The face-warp effect was achieved in Adobe After Effects, using Andrew Kramer’s Demon Face Warp tutorial.

Another plugin I used alot (perhaps a bit too much) was Optical Flares, a plugin for After Effects also by Andrew Kramer.

Equipment and gear used during the filming of this update:
Camera: Canon Eos 7D, mostly shot on 720p50
Lenses: Samyang 8mm f3,5; Samyang 14mm f2,8; Tamron 28-70mm f2,8; Lensbaby composer with creative aperture kit; nikkor 35mm f2,0; nikkor 50mm f2,0; nikkor 24mm f2,5; Sigma 10-20 f4,0-5,6.
Tripod: Manfrotto 545 tripod with 503 Video head
Dolly: DIY dolly
Jib/Crane: Hague K8 HDV Boom
Lights: 3x Red Head 800W, 4x55W Fluorescent lamp and some construction lights 500W
Other: LCD Viewfinder, Cokin quadratic filter adapter

Edited in Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 and Adobe After Effects CS5 with plugins: Magic Bullet Colorista Free and Optical Flares.

Tentacle teaser!


And so it has dropped! The teaser for the new Random Bastards snowboardfilm ”Tentacle”, edited by the one and only Kuske!

This is where most of my footage from this year will drop, you can already see a whole bunch of shots in the teaser. In the upcoming weeks I’ll also post some official Tentacle updates, one from Stockholm and one from Umeå. So join Rolf below and keep a look out for the TENTACLE!

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