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Just a full page in the paper… no biggie


Woke up this morning to a pleasant surprise! Turns out that the morning newspaper chose to feature our (Johan Schedins) photo from last sunday’s photo trip as their daily full page photo! (Click to enlarge)

Pretty stoked, especially since we considered the photo mission a complete failure.. Read about the mission here. The photo was shot by Johan Schedin, below is the man himself shooting some more ol’ cars.

Here’s what the text in the paper says:

”THE PICTURE – Autumn in the car cemetery
This photo was taken on the so called car cemetery in the area of Morkarla (Sweden), four miles (40km) north of Uppsala. There used to be a large heap of old cars there, but after a clean-up effort by the municipality only a few of them were left. Photo: Johan Schedin/Readers photo”

This was fun! Perhaps this could be a recurring thing from our photo/timelapse missions… time will tell!

A trip to the car cemetery…

Trasig Biljävel 1

Yesterday I went out with my trusty ol’ timelapsin’ buddy Johan Schedin. We had talked about this one spot for sooo long! There was supposed to be a big pile of rusty old cars from the 50′s which had been engulfed by nature. Rumors had it there were trees growing straight through old wrecks – like a car-tree cyborg!

So we set out for an epic session, prepared with coffee and ”långkalsonger” for a really long cold HDR-timelapsin’ night at the car cemetery…

Then it all failed.

Apparently all the cars had been removed since they were a threat to the environment. Good for mother nature – bad for us. Still, a few cars were left behind. The setting was nowhere near what we had hoped for – and the weather was crap – but we decided to document what was left. See the result below (most photos by Johan Schedin).

Another HDR Timelapse


This will be my last post for some days since I’m going away for a well deserved ”svennesemester” (swedish vacation) next week. Hopefully the weather will be different from what you’ll see in these HDR-timelapses from last saturday – although I think the dark clouds look really epic in HDR…

So again this was shot by me and Johan Schedin, during a saturday afternoon at Skokloster and Wiks Slott near my home town Uppsala in Sweden. As we sat in the car during the last shot, we found out about a really sweet HDR/timelapse-location: A 60′s car cemetery! Sadly we won’t be able to shoot it until this fall since Johan is going away for the summer… but then hopefully we’ll get some epic coloured leaves to go with the rusty ol’ cars!

More HDR!


This last saturday I was out fishing for some more HDR-timelapses, this time with my fellow supernerds Johan Schedin and Johann Gustavsson. Below is a select few stillframes from the saturday’s catch! Video will be up soon – and I mean it this time!Above: Started the day off with a view over the botanical garden…

Above: …then later went on to the swan pond.

Above: Later we went on to the inner parts of the city: The cinema… (this one shot by Johan Schedin)

Above: …some more cinema…

Above: …ending with this banger shot of ”Östra Ågatan”!

So if you like these stills, keep a heads up for the BANGIN HDR-timelapse edit dropping here on really soon!

Sketchy snowboarding?


I’ve been wanting to try this technique out for very long but never got around to do it – until yesterday. Kind of funny that my last post was about HDR-timelapse, and then this which is kind of the exact opposite…

What do you think? Personally i kinda like it!

HDR-timelapse… Hot stuff!


This weekend I decided that being bitter about not going to a summery glacier won’t get me anywhere… So instead I called my good old friend Johan ”Spoon” Schedin. In longing memory of winter and absence of slushy summer shedding we decided to do the only reasonable thing: spend a really cold evening downtown Uppsala experimenting with HDR and timelapse! These are the results… Actual video will be up as soon as I get my deflickering software working…

Above: Uppsala Concert and Congress Center

Above: The Uppland Museum

Above: Uppsala Cathedral

Above: Just beside the Uppland Museum lies Saluhallen – one of the more popular night clubs in Uppsala… More than one drunk stopped and asked what the hell we were doing standing there freezing… could have asked myself the same question at the time – but in the end it all felt worth it!

Below: The not-so-HDR-cellphone-photo of the setup (left camera doing regular timelapse hooked up to a laptop with EOS Utility remote shooting).

Tech specs:
Camera: Canon 7D
Lenses: Samyang 14mm f/2,8; Tokina 28-70mm f/2,8
Picture Profile: Neutral
HDR-tonemapping done in Photomatix Pro.

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